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Working on my anime drawing.

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WIP…starting with something a bit experimental…not the sort of thing I would usually draw…comments /  constructive criticism welcome :)

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Testator Silens....: To remove or not to remove?


So it seems that one of the major questions surgeons have to ask before removing cancerous tissue is ‘What’s cancerous and what isn’t?’ because obviously it’s important to know whether you’re removing the right thing or not.

Now it’s understandable that it’s difficult to visibly distinguish…


Testator Silens....: Put your finger WHERE??!!


On a slightly less scientific tangent here, but reading about how funding for Prostate Cancer Research has very recently been cut despite the fact that Prostate Cancer is the most common form of cancer affecting men and the fourth most common cancer affecting the population overall made me think…

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If you could all follow my new blog, which is a Physics blog and is more in tune with my degree, that would be great!

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Also, for anyone interested in Cancer and Biology, follow this blog, its an entertaining read and always informative! -

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Europe gig in London!


My card from Fina for Xmas :)


Had my Nexus for around 3 weeks now and I can honestly say its the best phone I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. Super fast, absolutely gorgeous and really well built.

Go and get one!

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What would a city’s CO2 emissions look like?

One ton of CO2 would fill a sphere 33 feet across. The office of the mayor of New York City decided to take this information and, given the city’s overall CO2 emissions, visualize exactly what New York’s CO2 emissions would look like if all of the gas was condensed around the center of Manhattan. The screenshots above are taken from Michael Bloomberg’s video, and the visuals are dramatic - the emissions after only an hour tower over nearby buildings, and after just one day, the Empire State Building would be swallowed by CO2. The scariest part of the whole project? New York is only the 5th worst city in terms of per capita emissions.

Very interesting.

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"You’re not supposed to sing the blues where you come from."

- Europe (lyrics)